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“The mission of the artist is to encourage people to love beauty and harmony.”

—Alphonse Mucha


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech-born graphic artist and painter who rose to fame in Paris in the late 1890s with his theatre posters for the ‘super-star’ actress Sarah Bernhardt and his product advertisements, as well as his elegant designs for decorative panels. His work inspired the then emerging Art Nouveau style.


This exhibition looks at the development of Mucha’s distinctive graphic style and ideas behind it, in particular, that of beauty - the core principle underlying his artistic theories and philosophy.


The display is divided into three thematic sections, the first two parts highlighting his contribution to Art Nouveau in Paris, followed by a section to explore how Mucha’s art developed after his return to the Czech lands.

The mission of art is to express the aesthetic values of every country
following the beauty of its spirit.
The mission of the artist is to teach the people
to appreciate this beauty.
—Alphonse Mucha

L 241 A Seasons 1896.jpg

Three thematic sections

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