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Marc Chagall (Vitebsk, Russia, 1887-Saint Paul de Vence, France, 1985), built throughout his life a universe of his own through his paintings and his writings, a lyrical, poetic and fantastic world in which everything is possible. A world of dreams and color in shades that shine. Intense colors that bring life to the scenography and the characters, real or imaginary, that populate his work.


As a young man, he settled in Paris, where he remained for most of his life, and was in contact with the artistic avant-gardes of the early 20th century. His creations are influenced by Cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism and Orphism, but his yearning for independence and freedom kept him away from ascribing to these movements; he was an artist who created an entirely personal and unique style.


This exhibition presents a journey through fifty years of work and focuses on the main themes that inspired his creation and his life.


First, his origins and his childhood memories. The Russian and Jewish traditions he lived from an early age. His deep spirituality gave rise to very intense creations, especially the works that focus on the Bible. The historical events that took place in Europe during the first half of the 20th century, the two world wars and the Russian Revolution, are also echoed in his paintings. Literature was one of his passions.


He explored it through his own poems and writings, as well as through his friendship with editors and poets, and also through book illustration. Another of the central themes in his creations are flowers and love. Contemplating the artist's paintings of his wife Bella reminds us of the feeling of being in love, as if we were floating in the air. His paintings are a vivid evocation of the emotional intensity of being in love.


Chagall created a parallel universe, unique, full of life and vibrant colors. As he himself declares: "In life, as in the artist's palette, there is only one color that gives meaning to life and art, which is the color of love."

Seven sections

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