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«The title "Russian painter" means more to me than any international fame... in my paintings there is not an inch free of nostalgia for my native land.»

—Marc Chagall

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«From my earliest youth, the Bible captivated me. It always seemed to me, and still seems to me, to be the greatest source of poetry of all time. Since then, I have sought that reflection in life and in art. The Bible is like a resonance of nature and represents the enigma that I have always wanted to convey.»


—Marc Chagall

04_Chagall_Palau Martorell.jpg


Marc Chagall's life was marked by war and uprooting. The artist depicted the biblical exodus as an allegory of the persecution the Jews were subjected to with the Nazi invasion during the Second World War, a threat that forced the artist to flee from Paris to a forced exile in the United States.

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Chagall is recognised as the great master of colour. He developed a world of rich symbolism, of brilliant colours with impossible shades. Saturated and vibrant colours, luminous and intense tones, define his work and help to create his dreamlike universe. The artist understands the essence of colour, with which he conveys sensations and emotions, modifying reality through his palette.


«Paris, for me, has been a school of life, with its ambience, its light, its atmosphere. It is in France that I was reborn.»


—Marc Chagall

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In 1927 the art dealer and publisher Ambroise Vollard commissioned Chagall to illustrate La Fontaine's Fables, which were published years later by Tériade in 1952. 

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In the summer of 1915, Marc Chagall married Bella Rosenfeld. In his autobiography, the artist poetically recounted the sensations his beloved provoked in him: "I would only open the window of my room and the blue air, love and flowers would come in with her".

Bella was Chagall's companion and muse until his untimely death in 1944, and appears in many of the pictures the artist painted throughout his life.

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