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Chagall is recognised as the great master of colour. He developed a world of rich symbolism, of brilliant colours with impossible shades. Saturated and vibrant colours, luminous and intense tones, define his work and help to create his dreamlike universe. The artist understands the essence of colour, with which he conveys sensations and emotions, modifying reality through his palette.

In his Parisian youth he established close relations with the avant-garde’s most innovative poets. They understood the magical and metaphorical world of his paintings and supported him in his projects.

The colourful atmosphere of the circus captivated Chagall from his childhood. The clowns and acrobats brought back memories of fairground days in Vitebsk when, among the music and juggling, he dreamt of a bohemian life. In Paris, he enjoyed the sessions at the Cirque d'Hiver accompanied by Ambroise Vollard, immersing himself in a seductive ambience, among animals, trapeze artists, lights and sequins. All this created a fantastical universe where it is difficult to distinguish the line between reality and dreams.

Chagall created his own language, luminous and profound, with which he conveys that a different world is possible; in essence, a message of hope.

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